Level 3 Certificate in Teaching and Training

Is this qualification for me?

The Level 3 Certificate in Teaching and Training qualification is aimed at individuals working in a learning and development role, such as trainers or tutors, who are required to deliver teaching or training in the workplace, workshops, classrooms and other training environments.

The qualification is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge of how to plan and deliver learning sessions.

The learning outcomes cover knowledge principles of teaching and training and competence skills.

What does the qualification cover?

Topics include:

  • Understand the principles of teaching and training
  • Understand the principles of planning in teaching and training
  • Understand how to evaluate teaching and training sessions
  • Be able to use different methods of teaching or training delivery to ensure learning
  • Be able to evaluate the delivery of teaching and training sessions
  • Be able to prepare the assessment of the outcome of teaching and training sessions
  • Maintain legal and good practice requirements when teaching and training skills, knowledge and understanding

How long will it take me?

The qualification is designed to last three full days, when delivered face to face.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic this course is only available for online study. Assessments will only take place when current restrictions are eased.

Why choose us?

At Yorkshire Work Based Training we strive to provide the very best training and ensure that all our student’s needs are met. Our fully qualified and vastly experienced teaching staff are experts in supporting all your educational requirements.

We work with industry experts to ensure that the delivery of our courses is current and relevant.

If you decide to study from home, you will be able to contact your course tutor directly for any assistance you require.

How will I be assessed?

This is an evidenced based qualification. Learners must provide evidence to prove that they have met all the learning outcomes.

Learners will be observed providing teaching or training as part of the qualification.

Are there any entry requirements?

It is expected that learners have a basic level of Literacy.

If you require any assistance or qualifications in Literacy, our team are happy to help.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of the qualification is £300.